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Welcome to the Wayfar 1444 Wiki[]

Wayfar 1444 is a text based online multiplayer game. You are a colonist, sent to the surface of an alien world with a few basic supplies. Join up with other colonists, or plot against them, while surviving and building a self sufficient colony.

Wayfar features a procedurally generated galaxy, a distinctive dice pool combat system, hacking, robots, aircraft, vehicles, starships, buildings, detailed crafting, easy to understand english command syntax, and a friendly admin staff.

Visit http://wayfar1444.com/index.php to create an account and start playing immediately.

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Connecting with your browser[]

You can access the game by using the flash client . You may need to install the Flash software, which is available from Adobe . The flash client is a straightforward, no frills connection to Wayfar 1444, but it supports full color and has a handy command reference.

It is recommended that you use a client like MUSHclient (Windows) or tinyfugue (Linux) as opposed to your operating system's default client.

Connecting via a telnet or MUD/MUSH/MOO client[]

Site: wayfar1444.com

Port: 7777

Or click here to connect

Connecting with your mobile phone[]

Site: wayfar1444.com

Port: 7777

Android? Try the BlowTorch MUD Client

iPhone? Try the TMC Game Client

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